Boxed Culture: Drawn Out Theme

Drawn Out Theme I just got my Kickstarter pledge from Mr. B Games for the game called Posthuman. This is a fantastic game about surviving a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland in a journey to find the last bastion of humanity called The Fortress. The game takes a bit of time to play […]

Boxed Culture: Shady Dealings

This sounds like a good title for a segment on a hidden traitor, euro game but unfortunately it is far less fun than that. We are currently in the midst of another board game company acting shady on Kickstarter and I have hit a point of no return. When a […]

Boxed Culture: DCC 2015 and Mr. B Games 1

One of my favorite parts about going to conventions is the exhibition halls. They allow for most individuals, companies or organizations to set up a booth. This is great with small companies because you get to interacted with their whole staff. The more cons I attend the more I am learning […]