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Boxed Culture: DCC 2015 and Mr. B Games 1

One of my favorite parts about going to conventions is the exhibition halls. They allow for most individuals, companies or organizations to set up a booth. This is great with small companies because you get to interacted with their whole staff. The more cons I attend the more I am learning […]

Roll the List #27: Kyle’s Take

Top 3 Guesses Cult Horror Films, Jorge Garcia What can I say about Jorge Garcia and his cult horror movie tastes? Probably literally nothing. The only thing I know he acted in was Lost and I didn’t really enjoy that show. But hell if I will let that stop me […]

Roll the List #26: Guest Writer Joe’s Take 1

Roll the List: It’s a Cartooooooon! Heyo! Guest writer and long-time friend of the Aeither personalities Joe here. I’m stepping in for a minute to take the Roll the List segment by request from the Kyle concept, so here I am. This week’s subject: Top 3 Underrated Cartoons TV Shows! […]