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Hindsight Review #2: Aliens

There is little doubt that Aliens is one of the best films in the massive American filmography. Like its predecessor, it is one of the few genuinely and universally appreciated films in the horror genre. As I share this similar sentiment for this film, I am spending this session of […]

Boxed Culture: Similar Mechanics, Different Games (Part 1) 1

This time on Game Corner I am going to discuss how similar mechanics can affect how people view, play and judge games. The market place for games currently is booming, some even say we might be in a bubble (which is a topic for another article, possibly a Garion and […]

Roll The List # 20: Kyle H.

Top 5 Underrated Rock Songs I choose to do songs because I am a loose cannon and I have nothing to lose, also because I wanted to put a little more focus into my list this week. Some times songs just speak to you and other people have no idea […]

Final Thoughts: Camel Up

…Camel Up is a fantastic game primarily because you can teach to anyone; you sister, your grandma, your friends with ADD, and anyone who basically has a brain. The most complex part of this game is building the dice contraption, a pyramid that you pop the dice out of. When I […]

Roll the List #20: Dalton’s Take

Top 5 Underrated Rock Songs, Dalton’s Take The word “underrated” can be defined in so many ways: unpopular, unappreciated, disrespected…And I personally don’t know how I choose to define it here, other than to pick 5 “rock” songs you probably haven’t heard. My indie/alternative rock collection spans some relatively unknowns, […]

Hindsight Review #1: The Babadook 1

We start a new segment today titled Hindsight Review. It is aptly named for the likelihood of the review’s affect on your decision-making. As I lack the means by which to see sneak-peeks and premiers, I see movies when everyone else does. This reduces my chance of affecting your decision […]