Roll The List # 20: Kyle H.

Top 5 Underrated Rock Songs

I choose to do songs because I am a loose cannon and I have nothing to lose, also because I wanted to put a little more focus into my list this week. Some times songs just speak to you and other people have no idea what they are. So this week I will be showing you some of the songs that speak to me that I believe would make any ones day brighter. As for defining rock I will just leave that up top you to comment if my songs fit or not.

The Decline-NOFX: Have you ever though to your self,” Hey, I need 20 min of the best punk band ever right now!”  Well then you should defiantly listen to this song. It tells a few greats stories and last as long as two plays of Freebird!

I Should Have Listened to My Friends-New Found Glory: This song is actually a very interesting tale about a man who was broken up with and had a drunken night. Who hasn’t had that happen. I am also a huge,long time fan of New Found Glory, so they will always be in my rock lists.

Stand Too Close-Motion City Soundtrack: Motion City Soundtrack speaks to me on a very personal level, as most of their music helped and related to me in a very sad time of my life. This song reminds me that sometimes you sometimes have to let your self get into things that may hurt you because life isn’t about always being ovwryly cautious.

The Science of Selling Your Self Short-Less Than Jake: “And I could write the best book on underage tragedy.” This song is an amazing mix ska and teen angst and since I am still a huge child, so I relate.

Fuck The Rest-Falling In Reverse: This song is the top song on my anxiety list. Falling in Reverse has a very diverse musical sound using I a mix of modern influences. Fuck the Rest reminds me that some things are worth fighting for and fuck the rest.

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