SitSoC Episode 210: Silicon Valley, Bitcoin and Judaism.

Silicon Valley is uncanny in many ways and kind of ridiculous in others.  See the clip below.  Also check out this list of Crypto Currencies: Kendric might know what he’s talking about with bitcoin (Probably less so with comparative religion) but you really shouldn’t make any investments based on his […]

Con Talk: Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 3 – Finally Some Philosophy!

Denver Comic Con 2017 Day 2 Finally Some Philosophy! Any panel that starts with singing is off to a great start.  On my conclusive article (at least for this weekend!  I may end up doing some follow ups later.  No promises!), I discuss the panel entitled “Is Science Fiction and […]

Graphic Reviews: Preacher

Preacher The abiding connection between America and cowboys has always fascinated me. Despite it having been generations since cowboys were in their heyday, the cowboy remains one of those quintessential American figures. Ask anyone to name something American and along with baseball and mom’s apple pie, I guarantee that cowboys […]