Final Thoughts: Camel Up

…Camel Up is a fantastic game primarily because you can teach to anyone; you sister, your grandma, your friends with ADD, and anyone who basically has a brain. The most complex part of this game is building the dice contraption, a pyramid that you pop the dice out of. When I played this game we were cursing at each other for taking each other top camels, we were purposeful taking actions that would deny the other players their turns, we were basically the worst kind of people betting on camel races and that is the best part of the game. It is intense, fun, loud, and you can easily get revenge on people for screwing you over. The best part is that you are simple betting what positions the camels will be at the end of the race. I would highly suggest this game for any setting, new gamers, veteran gamers and family gamers. It s fantastic and the award it won for game of the year at Essen was well deserved.

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