Roll the List #27: Kyle’s Take

Top 3 Guesses Cult Horror Films, Jorge Garcia


What can I say about Jorge Garcia and his cult horror movie tastes? Probably literally nothing. The only thing I know he acted in was Lost and I didn’t really enjoy that show. But hell if I will let that stop me from making wide-spread generalizations about his person based on his character on a TV show I watched 3 seasons of with him in it!

darkness falls

3 .Darkness Falls– I chose those movie as Jorge Garcia’s third favorite cult horror film because it has a large black nebulous creature stalking the denizen of the the town of Darkness Falls. I can only imagine the most gratifying experience of working on Lost was the random curve balls the writer would throw. “Okay so this week we are going to resolve all of last weeks problems by introducing a large black menacing cloud that floats around.” In watching Darkness Falls, Jorge is reminded what the potential of real dark ominous monsters are and then can laugh of the deus ex machina that is the large black menacing cloud from Lost. Darkness Falls is a movie that takes something that is nice and innocent and turns the tooth fairy into a horrible life-stealing fiend, very very much the opposite of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.


2. Alive – Another non-topically chosen cult horror film that Jorge Garcia probably loves is Alive. Reminiscing about how his character on Lost wound up on the island to begin with, I’m sure he tried to recall other events that have been based around plane crashes. Since they never really made a movie about Buddy Holly‘s bloody post plane crash encounter with the Minnesota Iceman, which ended in both of their actual deaths, he was chosen to watch Alive. This movie is a stark reminder of how bad the island could have been. If Jack Sheppard was a Chef instead of a doctor and John Lock had developed a taste for something a bit less gamy than wild boar, we may have had a scenario far closer to Alive. Alive brings the best parts of survival and the human condition together to form a cannibalistic romp in the Andes. A stark reminder indeed.

culb dread

1. Club Dread– Finally is the pièce de résistance of this list. Club Dread is definitely one of Jorge Garcia’s favorite cult horror movies. Whenever he chooses to watch this movie, he gets to see a large bodied male be the hero of a story. The writers of Lost totally lost out utilizing his character as the main hero of the show, or so his agent will claim, and he tends to agree. In Club Dread a series of grisly murders happen on a resort island and a small group of people band together to resist this menace. I consider this movie a cult horror film for two reasons. It is horror because it is about a serial killer who kills people in scary ways on screen and mostly all Broken Lizard movies are cult movies.

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