Boxed Culture: Trading Cardboard

If it was not painfully obvious there are so many things to enjoy about the board gaming community. We have wonderful people who love to share their favorite experience with others. We have excellent resources to educate out community and make it more cohesive. We even have a ton of […]

Boxed Culture: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo…

This week I have been inspired by The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast‘s discussion about complexity vs. depth. I truly enjoyed the discussion about terms and them all having a very different definition about what the terms mean to them. However, to me the latter part seems most pertinent. Why do […]

Boxed Culture: Cult Mentality 2

Many of us within the community have heard the terms Cult of the Old and Cult of the New. The cult of the old are gamers who like to stick to older games. The name is also typically associate with gamers who like to really get their money out of […]