Roll the List #29: Dalton’s Take

Top 3 Guesses at Underrated Horror Comics: Justin Long

Like the horror board game genre we have discussed on RTL in the past, the horror comic genre is fairly underrated as a whole, and therefore it is difficult to differentiate between the popular and unpopular of the genre. But, I will do my best to predict Justin Long’s top 3.

3. Hellboy – You don’t have to be unpopular to be underrated, but Hellboy‘s horror roots often go un-appreciated. Hellboy is one of the all-time greats at balancing horror and comedy, which is why it has transcended audiences and has lasted for so long. The films toned down some of the gruesomeness the comics often portrayed, which led to an overall devaluation of the horror craft of Hellboy. Long is no newbie when it comes to balancing horror and comedy in the films he has been in, so I would think he is an avid reader of this comic.

2. Colder – Long’s recent dive into the body horror genre with Tusk leads me to believe he isn’t terribly squeamish when it comes to graphic mutilation of the human body. Colder isn’t the most gruesome comic out there, but it boasts a character Swivel that constantly shifts its being and appearance into many malevolent and disturbing forms.

1. Spread – I’m going to imprint my own bias onto Long for this one. Spread is what The Thing should look like in comic book form. It is disturbing, visceral, violent, unsettling, and intriguing with its characters and story. It is hard to put down. I would imagine Long would also have good taste and enjoy this read.

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