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Sickle & Efrit: This Week In Horror – GRUDGE MATCH

This week we chat about some new trailers (or old since Efrit is terrible about time) we were interested in, We talk about Underwater and horror adventure stuff, and we end talking about the grudge where we legit duke it out.

The Scoop: Casual Contemplation – Who Goes There?

I named this deck Who Goes There?, after the novella by John W. Campbell Jr., which was of course adapted into the film The Thing From Another World in 1951, and chiefly John Carpenter’s The Thing in 1982. The deck is based around the Blue Transform card Thing in the […]

Moviephores: The Thing About “The Thing”

The Thing About “The Thing” John Carpenter’s The Thing has aged like a fine wine. Pulling in a meager box office and panned reviews upon its release in 1982, it has since gathered an ever-growing cult following. With this age of over-saturated CG blockbuster epics, as beautiful as they may […]

Roll the List #30: Dalton’s Take 1

It is now time for the long-gestating post of our top 5 classic horror films. It is relevant to emphasize “classic”, as the films on this list could not have been produced after the turn of the century. It is also important to note that these are not necessarily the […]

Roll the List # 30: Kyle’s Take 3

Top 5 Classic Horror Films This week we take a few cues from our sister site Sickle and Efrit, and choose our top 5 classic horror films. Dalton and I both decided on 4 and left the 5th up to the person writing their list. Here they are in no […]

Roll the List #29: Dalton’s Take

Top 3 Guesses at Underrated Horror Comics: Justin Long Like the horror board game genre we have discussed on RTL in the past, the horror comic genre is fairly underrated as a whole, and therefore it is difficult to differentiate between the popular and unpopular of the genre. But, I […]