Roll the List # 29: Kyle’s Take

Zachary Quinto’s Top 3 Under the Radar Horror Comics

This week we have another top 3 guesses. I choose to do the wonderfully hate-able Zachary Quinto. I figured this super-villain turned lovable Vulcan definitely has some stuff he doesn’t know he is scared of. What is an actor playing logical aliens and serial killers scared of you ask?


Black Science – This comic is a wonderful combination of futuristic science and alternate worlds. What scifi geek doesn’t enjoy the rush of being chased back to their teleporter by a flurry of hostile alien species? At the very least he is used to the feeling and can empathize with the terror. This comic is like a full season of Star Trek pushed into a single trade. It is enjoyable and exciting while still maintaining a sense of dread about their ability to ever return to the place our protagonists came from.


Hack/Slash – This comic might actually terrify his character Sylar. In this wonderful series a young woman and her ex-serial killer buddy chase and kill horror movie serial killers. Sounds a bit strange, right? Like Punisher meets Scooby Doo, and yes that is an amazing combination. Zachary definitely feels some hesitation reading this comic. I bet he continually imagines Sylar being hunted by Cassie and Vlad. He even knows his strange power of cutting people’s skulls off won’t save him.


Bedlam – Bedlam is the beautiful combination of what would happen if Spock and Sylar merged. In this comic an ex-mass killer gets taken by a crazy doctor and brain washed into becoming, for lack of a better word, a super detective. Imagine the empathy one would have being a serial killer turned good guy… okay but not Dexter. This comic does a great job of having new and inventive ideas and amazing art work. The serial killers are over-the-top gorgeous and the story is deep and amazing. Everyone should read Bedlam, not only because it is his ZQ’s favorite, but because it is a very new and inventive take on crime noir.

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