Roll the List #27: Dalton’s Take

Top 3 Cult Horror Films for Jorge Garcia

For this list we will be guessing Jorge Garcia’s (Hurley from the television show Lost) top 3 cult horror films. Sadly, Garcia’s filmography and extensive career on Lost has made this list more about Hurley than Garcia. I’m willing to accept that, and so should you. This should be easy.

3. The Stuff – Garcia and Hurley both struggle with their weight. This is pretty obvious. In Lost, Hurley finds this struggle to eat constantly getting in his way, usually to comedic effect. Only the campy feel of The Stuff feels comedic, as the world becomes addicted to a tasty substance that transforms those that consume it into some sort of zombie. Hurley would likely have given into The Stuff, let’s be honest.

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2. Altered States – Everyone was lost watching Lost. It was part of the appeal. Similar to the appeal of Altered States. This horror film starring William Hurt plays with the concept of hallucinogens and isolation chambers as a means of psychological therapy or study. Of course, everything goes awry and out of control and we are left with a trippy film with little rhyme or reason to the chaos. Much like Lost. Little rhyme or reason.

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1. The Number 23 – While Number 23 verges on the side of “forgotten” and not so much “cult”, the Jim Carrey horror film fits Hurley all too well. Hurley’s obsession with numbers in the show Lost gets him into trouble on a regular basis. The obsession parallels Carrey’s in the film Number 23, though I suppose with different results. Garcia plays the comedic relief in Lost, as Carrey often embodies in his films, but instead is the antithesis of this typecasting.

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