Daily Archives: August 6, 2014

Roll the List #14:Garion’s Take

Top 3 Best Angry Music I have been listening to a lot of The Aquabats recently, so I plan on taking this list a slightly different direction. I will be discussing the three angry songs that The Aquabats play. #1, Chemical Bomb Album: This song doesn’t come off as an […]

Roll the List #14, Dalton’s Take

Top 3 Best Angry Music, Dalton’s Take So I am typing out this list with essentially one hand. I broke a finger on my left hand, which apparently is very debilitating to the efficacy of the rest of the hand. Due to the injury, I will be brief this week, […]

Roll the List: #14: Kyle’s Take

Top 3 Best Angry Music This weeks topic is awesome. I listen to lots of music and and angry music is some of the best of it. 3.Eminem: A lot of my high school music listening was made up of playing the same Eminem song over and over again in order to […]

TL;DR Rant #5, A Stinger that Actually Stings

Marvel almost had it. Marvel almost made a movie devoid of no obvious flaws. Sure, Guardians of the Galaxy had moments of critique. It took getting through the first act to catch its stride (but boy did it hold that stride throughout the rest of the movie!) and it lacked […]