Roll the List: #14: Kyle’s Take

Top 3 Best Angry Music

This weeks topic is awesome. I listen to lots of music and and angry music is some of the best of it.

3.Eminem: A lot of my high school music listening was made up of playing the same Eminem song over and over again in order to be able to rap along with Marshall. This is how I learned he is one of the most angry people ever. Eminem has had some really fucked up shit happen to him in his past and he is not afraid to let people know. One of my favorite angry Eminem songs is The Way I Am. He really gets at his critics in this song, especially the ones who blame him for children getting violent after they listen to his music. 

2. Motion City Soundtrack: This band is very close to my heart. I listened a lot of their songs back when I was sad and angry after break ups with a reoccurring ex. Motion City Soundtrack is deep inside my mind, so when they have an angry song it really gets me going. Hysteria and Her Words Destroyed My Planet are two such songs. Please take a listen and learn a bit more about me.

1. Forces of Evil: Forces of Evil are the epitome of angry music for me. They were a side band that some of the members of Reel Big Fish started. They only have one CD. This CD has three of the most angry songs that I have ever heard on it. The first is Go To HellThis song is basically how you feel on the worst day you have ever had, you just want everyone to die. The second song is called Angry Anthem, need I say more. My favorite song on the album is called My Life. “I don’t need your advice, let me live my own life, I can fuck it up my self.” This hits home for me, so it is my favorite angry song.

Now go get fucking angry people!!!

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