SitSoC Episode 216: Zippers, Concentration and Audio books

Where we speak for Amy in absentia about drivers who are probably stupid.  Also, movies. Also, the nature of concentration. Also, our recorder went from 2/3 battery to dead, like, super fast, so it’s kind of a short one.

Sickle & Efrit: This Week In Horror – GRUDGE MATCH

This week we chat about some new trailers (or old since Efrit is terrible about time) we were interested in, We talk about Underwater and horror adventure stuff, and we end talking about the grudge where we legit duke it out.

SitSoC Episode 214: Irrational Fears, derationalized.

Kevin is scared of anything, but Kyle is fear incarnate. Kendric mentions this horrible experience: Go check out Kevin’s review of ghost 1.0: 

Switch Soup: Dead Cells

Quick Intro (eshop description): Use your alchemic abilities to escape the island in this brutally challenging 2D action-platformer with no checkpoints. You’ll get better… eventually. Story: Dead Cells starts off with a pile of green goo falling from a pipe and crawling over to inhabit a dead body.  You start […]