Graphic Reviews: Klaus

Klaus Ready or not, it’s coming…Christmas time! That time of year that we all desperately shop for the perfect gift, get together with family members and friends whom we love (and perhaps those we don’t) and cook extravagant feasts. Or, that’s what the story books tell us anyway. Christmas of […]

S&E This Week in Horror: Fond Yet Horrible Memories!

This week Sickle and Efrit talk about Spawn, Leprechaun Returns, and childhood horror shows. Do you remember old movies fondly or do you tend to re-watch them and think they are horrible?   Also trailer for Brightburn:

SitSoC Episode 157: Guide to Retirement and Financial Security

Where we talk about Tenacious D, then how to arrange your finances in order to retire.  Eventually, Kendric forgets the name of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Feel free to yell at your device, he’ll hear it.

S&E This Week In Horror: A Cast Fulla Monsters

This week Sickle and Efrit talk about movies … Well, they are horror movies at least this week. But mostly we tend to stick with the monster movie genre with a little bit of psychedelic horror mixed in, because we talked about Mandy!