Switch Soup: SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 Quick Intro (eshop description): SteamWorld Dig 2 takes you on a platform mining adventure forged in Metroidvania flames. When an old trading town is struck by mysterious earthquakes, it’s up to a lone steambot and her unlikely companion to uncover what trembling terrors lie beneath. Story: SteamWorld […]

SitSoC Episode 198: Fast Food Wars 2: The Taco War

Where the David and Goliath story of Tacos goes a way you might not expect… https://media.thinknum.com/articles/taco-map-2019/ https://www.newyorker.com/culture/annals-of-gastronomy/americas-first-taco-editor-says-that-burritos-are-actually-tacos

Sickle & Efrit: This Week In Horror – Telluride Horror Show First Wave Preview

This week we talk about our excitement over Telluride Horror Show 2019 an discuss Ready or Not and It Chapter 2. Check out more about Telluride Horror Show here and pick up tickets if you can!