The Scoop: Magical Supplements – Dominaria Pt. 2

Dominaria adds so much fun to Casual EDH because of the Brawl format being introduced through the set. It makes it worth two posts looking for fun Commander cards. Here are four I’ve looked at as interesting.

Demonlord Belzenlok

Belzenlok offers a fun mechanic as a mono-black Commander in a demon-heavy deck. Many demons worth a damn (pun intended) exceed 4 cmc. Same goes for field wipes and tutors. So, it’s safe to say a majority of an EDH deck with this vision would benefit heavily from Belzenlok from the command zone.

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain

The truly interesting concept of Historic spells is clear in the mechanic of Jhoira. Sagas, a new card type, are secondary here. But Historic including artifacts and legendaries opens up a lot of cards for EDH. Red/Blue has increasingly replaced Esper as the go-to for artifact-synergized decks. As a fan of Esper, I haven’t enjoyed this transition, but it’s time to embrace the new identity. Jhoira is simple, but effective with a legendary/artifact-heavy scheme.

Helm of the Host

The biggest deterrent here is cmc, but I love the concept of the card. There aren’t many cards, if any (off the top of my head), that manipulate the legendary card type’s limitations of only having one version of the card on your field at any given time. This card opens up the possibility for all kinds of abuse by stacking older legendary creatures’ abilities. It becomes worth the cost in certain situations.

Whisper, Blood Liturgist

You may recall (probably not) a 60-card deck I have built that uses Shirei as a vehicle for graveyard shenanigans. This card LOVES that deck and would make a comfortable home there. I could also see this card providing advantage to token-heavy and graveyard-based EDH decks. Self/universal milling BUG decks would like this card, as well as W/G/B decks that feed off saprolings for various purposes. Having a permanent that can keep your Mycoloth coming back would be a lot of fun.

This set is full of cards that I think offer a plethora of opportunities out of the set, in particular in the EDH format with the introduction of tons of Legendaries and the Historic identity. Brawl provides additional interest for Wizards in the Standard format, but also supplies benefit to other formats. I’m excited for the possibilities in future sets!




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