The Living Card Guy: Faith’s Reward

Faith’s Reward

Welcome back everyone, today we are continuing our preview of Apoka’s deluxe expansion, Defenders of the Faith. Last week we covered what Faith is and how we get it. Today we are going to look at two cards that want Faith on the board to work. So without further delay, let’s look at some new cards!

Our first card is a card that only needs one Faith on it to shine. The event you are about to see gives the player with Faith access to abilities they could hardly imagine!

In His Very Name is a very powerful card and all you need to have to use it is some Faith on units you control. So first and foremost this event will allow you to copy any opponent’s card effect. So (according to the Apoka Rules Team) Klaivex Warleader’s effect can be copied and used against the opponent that played it, not to destroy the Warleader, but to remove anything else with damage. That is not all, think of all the other times your opponent’s card effect ruined your day. Venomous Fiend, Captian Markis, and Archon’s Terror can all have their effects copied and flipped. What a way to muck with the plans of your opponent! I get excited just thinking about the look on my opponents’ faces when they get hit with this. So this is an example of a card that simply needs Faith to be on the board to work, but let’s look at one that lets you use Faith to a great advantage.
Our next card is one that uses Faith to a very powerful effect. Faith is never rewarded as hard as this card’s effect rewards it.

Yes, Saint Erika is a beast. First of all she is a 3 cost 1/5/5, hot damn that is a solid body to drop on the board. If you do have Faith, not only is she a fighting force on her own, but her secondary effect will allow you to save any of your non-Saint AM units for one Faith. Nothing is worse for your opponent than having to deal with the same painful unit twice. On top of that they still have to remember they have a 5/5 to deal with. She does come with a draw back. If you control no Faith Saint Erika will not even bother helping you. She has determined you are not faithful enough and will leave your side. This does include the HQ phase when Faith is removed from play. So while she may only stick around for one turn, she is a fighting force to be reckoned with. The spending of Faith here is a very powerful effect in-game allowing you to recover a unit and have its effect be able to be used again later. Keep that in mind when you play her and you should be able to get the fruits of your faithful labor.

That is it for today folks. We looked at how having Faith on the board can allow for some very powerful card effects and we look at a card that will let you use Faith for something other than shielding. Next time we will focus on all the wonderful new traits we have been seeing on all these awesome preview cards, Prayer and Ecclesiarchy. So what do you all think of the cards shown today? See any crazy combos with existing cards or anything that makes you froth at the mouth for this deluxe expansion? Let us know in the comments. Till then, Living Card Guy, Out!


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