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The Hyperlane Report

Hello Everyone! Kyle H. here and I am bringing you a new article today. The Hyperlane Report! It is a segment specifically devoted to Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Destiny. If you have never heard of Star Wars Destiny before please take a look here and then come on back. I am a huge fan of Destiny and it has taken the place of a lot of my old flames, as far as card games go. My favorite decks are villain decks, so be prepared for that. These articles will be covering a range of topics from how to choose characters, to what cards I think are thematically awesome. I hope you find everything you are looking for while reading, and if you do not let me know and I will see what I can do!

Removing a Threat

One of the biggest parts of a game of Destiny is removing dice that you don’t want to resolve. Controlling your opponent’s board will always be a thing people will need to have as part of any deck. So today, in our first ever Hyperlane Report, I want to talk about the best events you can use to stifle your opponent’s plans!

Red (Command)

Villain: The Best Defense…

The Best Defense...

I have had this card brutalize my opponents in my non-unique combo deck. Dealing 3 damage is a hefty price, but removing two dice is sweet. Also, red has lots of healing cards and Endless Ranks seems to help me overcome this cost in most cases.

Hero: Rebel Assault

Rebel Assault

Rebel Assault wins out here because there are not many red hero cards that remove dice. This event is also free and only requires that you have a ranged die in your pool, which is pretty nifty. It can only remove a non-melee damage or non-ranged damage, but I still think it could end up being pretty useful.

Neutral: Suppression


The best and only neutral red card is Suppression. It is a pretty good card because it costs nothing to play, but you need to run it in a deck with ranged dice or not at all. That said, any ranged die will do (modified, paid, or normal).


Force (Blue)

Villain: Isolation


Isolation is the most solid pick from the Villain affiliation. For one resource and spotting a blue character you can remove a die. It is simple and cheap and that is why it is a winner.

Hero: Guard


Pretty much every blue hero deck has dice with melee damage sides. So you should not have any issue getting this to hit for one or two dice when you play it. You are foregoing damage, but you don’t have to use this with a basic damage die, so if you have a pesky modified side with no basic sides in your pool, this card is still useful.

Neutral: Mind Trick

Mind Trick

Yes, this card is expensive but the idea of having your opponents choose two piles always leads to some hard decisions on their part. If played correctly you can probably hit more than one die (and I hope you do), which doesn’t make it the best, but it can fit into a few good deck types, so I approve of it.

Common (Gray)

Villain: Doubt


This card is the only villain card, but unlike the card below I actually like this one. For no resources you can re-roll a die and force your opponent to resolve or remove it. Could be bad if they roll a good damage face, but that is the thematic element. If they doubted and were found wanting they will not have a good face, if they found their confidence then they will kill you, as history (the future?) shows, Anakin was the former.

Hero: Daring Escape

Daring Escape

This is my least favorite pick of the entire list. It costs 2 and only lets you remove dice if they have blanks. If a die is not fully removed it can be re-rolled and that is meh. It does have ambush, but it gets to be on this list because it is the only gray hero card in existence that has the word remove on it.

Neutral: Flank


One of my favorites. This is a card I also used to have in my non-unique deck, but it can work very well when you do not get to go first in a round. Typically your opponent activating a character will allow you to use this. And if they don’t and you have nothing else to play you can pass, which is an awesome aspect of this game.

Yellow (Rogue):

Villain: He Doesn’t Like You

He Doesn't Like You

Theme, Check. Power, Check. Cost, Check. This card has it all. A free event that lets you use a junk die to remove any opponent’s die of your choice makes me smile and in my opinion is a benchmark, much like Isolation in Blue, that all removal should be compared to. Only thing you need is a die to remove.

Hero: Loth-Cat and Mouse

Loth-Cat and Mouse

I also like Negotiate but Loth-Cat and Mouse is free and while it does give your opponent a choice of your dice, you don’t necessarily get forced to lose a character die like Negotiate requires you to do. So it is my choice here because it fits well in decks that typically want resources for other things.

Neutral: Electroshock


Everyone simply loves this card. I think it is pretty useful, but I see significant draw backs. Now don’t get me wrong, it is on the list so you should put it into any yellow deck that needs more removal, but having to Spot yellow and pay a resource could be kind of rough at certain points in the game. Since people know when you play yellow you play Electroshock, you can focus fire yellow targets in an effort to nullify this card. Which leads to some interesting deck building choices that we will get into another time. However, it does cover all of the dice in the game that cost 2 or lower so it is good enough for now.


That is my list folks. I really hope this helps you know what the best choice for all your different decks are without having to sort through all the cards you have, albeit there aren’t that many right now. Should another card be on this list or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, time to jump!


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