The Living Card Guy: Events to Start a War Over

Events to Start a War Over


I love new cards. Whenever a new pack comes out for any LCG I get stoked. One of my favotire parts aobut cracknig a new pack is the abiltiy to start thinking about combos and deck archetypes that can be created from one card being printed. I love to talk to my friends and other players –hell even strangers!!– about what they think about the new cards. One of the things that get my blood pumping about a new pack is when I get to see an article spoiling a few new cards. Today I have the distinct pleasure of being able to spoil the three events from the upcoming Apoka Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Expansion: Overrun!

Quic’ Orkchitektur

Displaying 012-Quic-Orkchitektur.jpg

I bet you cannot say this card’s name three times fast!

This card is thematically perfect for Orks. Nothing says WAAAAAAAAAGH like somethnig that falls apart right after it gets used! I can see this being a very powerful card in the right decks. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it only hits Ork supports, this card could still swing a game. First of all, each Ork support currently released is under 3 cost so this card can hit ’em all! You could put any support out for free for the entire combat phase. A suprise Mork’s Great Heap could swing an important battle your way incredibly easily. What about a ambushed Tellyporta Pad to manuver your high impact unit to the first planet? I find a suprise Kustom Field Generator to be kind of annoying as well. Secondly, this could work well with all the signuature supports in a pinch. A Kraktoof Hall mid battle seems like just the thing to save your butt and miss getting targeted by deploy phase support hate. One powerful round with Zogwart’s Hovel could let Ol’ Zoggy bully a planet all by his lonesome. Fake Oooman Base could be pretty stragic at the right time as well. I would be hard pressed to use this with Kustomisation Station, because I want that to be around forever. However, we do have to keep in mind we are saving 3 resources when playing any big beefy 3 cost support with this card, so it may be just the thing for a resource tight situation. Doing something big for free can really mess with your opponents momentum, futz with battle math, and generally put players on tilt. Finally, Orks at the end of Conquest’s lifetime lacked decent tricks. They have very few affordable cards to throw wrench in the works. This cards is one that could truly alter the battle for this faction in ways that other cards could not!

Theater of War

Displaying 011-Theater-of-War.jpg

Unlike a cinema this is one theater you will not want to sit down in.

I saw this card and it excited me so very much. I love effects that let you mess with the normal flow of a game. Activating battle abilities at the end of the command phase could really change the way a battle will go going. Maybe you need some despearte resource but cannot hope to fight for the battle ability of Tarrus. Perhaps you need to deal with some pesky unit that would be very effective in a battle this round. How about command phase routing them with Ferrin. There are so many possibilities with this card that sound fun to me. Best part, unlike other warlord exhausting cards you get to do this after they contribute to command struggles. BUT WAIT! There is another best part, the opponent cannot activate the same battle ability you did! That means  your opponent choice of effects is affected by you. Tit-for-tat exchanges in games are usually frowned upon but the fact that you can lock your opponent out of an option here is great. Much like the previous Ork card, this card is one I would not mind drawing when in a bad spot. Both cards are not just win more cards, or cards that are only effective when you are alrerady winning. Each one has a chance to help you land a critial blow and come from behind.

I have one more card to spoil and I want to preface it. In the near future Apoka will be be releasing more info on what the card is related to and how it all works but what I am about to show you is a small part of something that excited me a lot! Thusly, I will introduce it in small parts. First off the faction of the event:

Shadow Hunt Symbol


That is right folks, we have ourselves a Dark Eldar event. Don’t mind that strange yellow smudge on the image. Anyway, let’s get into the name:

Shadow Hunt Name

Oh man a this event screams Dark Eldar! Shadow Hunt sounds like somethnig you do with Kith and her Kymera’s on a nice weekend get away. One cost and one shield. I wonder what it does! Before we see that though lets get a peak at the card art:

Shadow Hunt Pic

Oh, a fancy flame being birthed from the shadowy hand of an unknown entity! Shadow Hunt is a tactic subtype card, and it totally makes sense with what it does. But first remember that yellow smudge Imentioend earlier? Well wasn’t a smudge at all! This is a signature card from a new warlord. So what card in the signature squad is it? I knew you wanted to know that:

Shadow Hunt Tease

Number 6/9 that means it is part of a set! Haha, I am just trolling you here is the full card for your viewing pleasure!

Displaying 003-Shadow-Hunt.jpg

Shadow Hunt is the signature even from a new warlord in the Overrun war pack. Now let’s go over this slowly so I dont blow your mind. First off it is an Action. This seems good. Being able to use a card in ANY action window is a really helpful thing. Unlike the two other events we spoiled in this article we are not limited as to when we can play this card. I am liking it already! Next is it’s text. “But Kyle when would we ever have a face-down unit removed form play in Conquest!?!?! ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS!?”, you must be asking. Well I am a little nuts but that is not the point here. How will we get face-down cards removed from play? Who knows? Putting a unit card into play during a phase is a very powerful effect, but it being at HQ can mean it may a be a bit to late to get any use out of it. The power here could be in a beefy non-elite unit arrviving at HQ just before the command phase, yum! This card potentialy has a lot of suprises, but you will see more later…


Last night I was sent a newer version of this card that seem even more spicy!


Shadow Hunt

Keep in mind these cards are subject to change this early in the process but this version seems awesome. Not only is a reaction it, allows you to capialize on your opponents deploy phase ending. Plus it get to go to a planet now which means you get all the information about your opponts moves before you use this. Still non- elite and still a face-down but now it is even more thematic and suprising!

Events in Conquest make the world go round. Not only can we toss them for shields but they give us a ton of utility! If you are as intrigued by these cards as I am stay tuned for more from Team Apoka and their newest war pack Overrun, which should be avialble to print sometime in March! Got anything to say or any combos you see comnig alive? Put them in the comments. Living Card Guy, out!


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