The LCG: War Never Changes… Well Except for This Time

War Never Changes… Well Except for This Time

I love it when I hear from my friends over at ApoKa. Every time I do I get to see some of the sweet new stuff they are brewing up. Today is no different. This weekend I was sown some of the cards from the first pack of the Confrontation Cycle and they are not quite what you think. Am I being mysterious enough yet? Oh, well then, I will get started.

So instead of a normal player card today we are going to be taking a look at new Sectors to battle over. Yes, that is right, new planet lineups! And they even come with a brand new mechanic to boot! But first, let’s take a look at the rules insert before we get too much deeper.


Not only one but TWO new sectors to battle over. That is 20 new planets, that is 20 new places to explore and more importantly, it is 20 new and exciting interactions to learn about! It is very important to note that you cannot mix the two sectors with Traxis or each other. Each set of 10 planets is self-contained and meant to be played only on its own. I mean, no one is going to stop you from doing this, but the Emperor will not be pleased and you know what that means. So let’s take a look at some cards from the two new sectors, Veros and Gardis.

Sector Veros

Sector Veros, from what spoilers I am about to show, seems like a dangerous place if you manage to end up stationed on Frontier World Jarus, you may think you are safe, but it is Tricon so you will need to defend it with your lives! Also if you win you will get torefill your hand if you are lower on cards thatn your opponent.


If you find yourself in more of a chaotic mood, maybe try dining at Bhorsapolis “The Decadent”. With a name like that I cannot imagine it is anything but! The ability is also pretty fantastic, especially for those decks that really like to sacrifice their units for greater power (Zarathur’s FlamersDeath Korps Engineers, Virulent Spore Sacs). The huge demon in the sky, however, is something I could give to take.

The Veros sector seems like a pretty wild place, but if you are like me you will still annoyingly ask the screen what the Commit abilities look like from that rules insert from earlier. I guess that means it’s time to check out the Gardis Sector.

Sector Gardis

Sector Gardis planets are neat. All the ones we will talk about today have a new ability called Commit, which if you read earlier takes place when you commit a warlord to that planet. Let’s start off with Excellor, the Planet where all of our Sisters of Battle can show praise to the God-Emperor. Not only that but committing there allows you to get some pre-battle faith that could swing the tides of battle. If you win then you can manipulate some units and that is never bad.


Finally, we have the planet Nectavus XI, a terribly deadly jungle world. Thusly the Commit and Battle abilities are pretty great. The commit ability lets you heal a unit which is never a bad thing when you are in a pinch. The battle ability took me a few times of reading to comprehend. you can snag some precious resources from a planet your opponent may have already won this round. Crazy.


These two new sectors are sure to spice things up in your playgroups and for your events, you are all running. At the very least it is a nice change to the meta and which decks will dominate. So what do you think of these new planets? Are they fantastic or not quite your cup of tea? Let me know in the comments. Living Card Guy out!


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