The Hyperlane Report: Unlimited Blanks!

Unlimited Blanks!

Destiny is a great game where people throw around dice and get excited when they get what they want, but there is a dark side to this: not getting what you want. More specifically, blank sides. Blank sides are usually the most disappointing thing you can roll, and without discarding a card to reroll them they cannot even be resolved! However, there is an answer. Force decks have great cards to deal with blank sides, more specifically, Villain Force cards. Today I wanna look at some of the really interesting cards that deal with the blank sides of dice, specifically from the Force cards!


These three events are integral to the blank side power engine. Manipulate is great for controlling your opponent’s dice and giving your dice blank side fodder for other parts of the Blank Dice machine. When your opponent’s dice are showing mostly blank, you can use Feel Your Anger to remove your opponent’s important dice! If you ended up rolling enough blanks on your own dice, Anger will allow you to use your opponent’s dice in place of your own for dealing damage. All of these events have a place and they work well with the other cards I will discuss, but first we need a little support…get it?…because we are going to talk about supports!


So these supports are great for the Blank Dice machine we are creating. Meditate lets you use dice you needed to be blank for previous combos and get what you need to either mess with your opponent’s dice or get valuable non-damage sides for your plans. Power of the Dark Side fits well with any deck since it lets you reroll, but in this deck it give us more bang for our buck since we want to roll blanks. If we do, not only, do we get 2 unblockable damage, but also we get whatever extra effect we can activate with blanks! Okay, next come the best parts; we’re going to upgrade our game with these next cards! (hehe)…


These last few cards make the Blank Dice Machine sing. Now I Am The Master and Immobilize give extra blank sides for you to use for your final most important card, Force Lightning. If you can keep giving you opponent blank sides then you can keep using Force Lightning to do lots of damage all in one turn! Now let’s take a look at a deck I put together using some of these blank dice cards and talk about what we are trying to do with the deck.

The Blank Engine

Force / Command


Starship Graveyard, Jakku (Awakenings #174)


2x First Order Stormtrooper (Awakenings #2)
2x Asajj Ventress, Force Assassin (Spirit of Rebellion #9)


2x Immobilize (Awakenings #14)
2x Sith Holocron (Awakenings #16)
2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Awakenings #54)
2x Z6 Riot Control Baton (Spirit of Rebellion #8)
2x Force Lightning (Spirit of Rebellion #14)
2x Lure of Power (Spirit of Rebellion #16)


2x Cannon Fodder (Awakenings #68)
2x Enrage (Awakenings #81)
2x Feel Your Anger (Awakenings #82)
2x Isolation (Awakenings #85)
2x Nowhere to Run (Awakenings #91)
2x Use The Force (Awakenings #149)
2x Logistics (Awakenings #142)
2x Anger (Spirit of Rebellion #71)
2x Manipulate (Spirit of Rebellion #73)

Barring the fact that I just made this deck and have never played it I really think it will be fun! So first off all lets look at the characters. I picked Asajj Ventress – Force Assassin because if you are forcing all of your opponent’s dice to be blanks, you wanna make sure it is expensive for them to reroll their dice. Discarding two cards to reroll really makes it hard for your opponent to want to reroll. And as long as you are not overblanking (turning too many dice to blank sides all at once) you should be able to maintain a pretty good stream of blank dice. The First Order Stormtroopers are there because blanks are not as bad in this deck as normal. So since they have two blank sides and prove good targets for upgrades (with Holocron) they seemed like a pretty good choice. They are also a good fit point-wise. I choose Starship Graveyard because I could save Holocron’ed blue abilities from dead characters and be able to Holocron again.  The events are a mix of the blank dice manipulation dice from earlier and some red events that help me with removal and econ.  Finally, you will notice that I did not include any of the supports. I decided that Power was too expensive and meditation took too many dice to activate. I think this deck would at the very least be fun to play, especially since there is the potential for a Stormtrooper to use Force Lightning, but this is all theory crafting at this point.

There are probably a decent amount of changes that we could do to this deck. I probably included too many blank dice cards, but it was part of the theme so I’m not to sad about that. I was debating putting more blue weapons in and running FN-2199 instead of the First Order Stormtroopers, but it didn’t feel quite right since a lot of the blank dice upgrades were not weapons. Other than that I would love to hear from you all! Do you think there is somethnig to this Blank Dice manipulation thing or is it a bunch of malarkey? Let me know in the comments. Time to jump!

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