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RetroViewer: Final Fantasy for the Sixth Time Part 1

Final Fantasy for the Sixth Time Part 1 Ooohhhh my friends. My dear friends, welcome to this episode of RetroViewer. I’m back into the SNES after my brief interlude with 64, and this time I’m looking at arguably the greatest RPG series ever created. We’re back in Squaresoft’s world today […]

Roll the List #37: Kyle’s Take 1

Top 5 Cult RPG Video Games Today on Roll the List we are all looking at our top 5 favorite cult video game RPGs. I love these cult lists because they always push me to not just think of what is popular but what makes me just giddy when I […]

Roll the List #33: Cait’s Take 1

Op-Ed Cult RTS/Strategy Video Game: Vanguard Bandits This week, I’m joining Kyle for Roll the List #33 in which we will be discussing cult RTS/Strategy videogames. I have to admit that strategy is a genre of videogames that I generally avoid as much as possible. Most RTS games require minds that […]