Daily Archives: November 10, 2015

Roll the List #37: Kyle’s Take 1

Top 5 Cult RPG Video Games Today on Roll the List we are all looking at our top 5 favorite cult video game RPGs. I love these cult lists because they always push me to not just think of what is popular but what makes me just giddy when I […]

Roll the List #37: Ryan’s Take 2

Top 5 Cult RPG Video Games Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to RPGs, I am a traditionalist.  I prefer my games to be in the JRPG style with the turn-based format.  While I do enjoy action-RPGs, I haven’t really gotten to experience the newer western-style RPGs […]

Roll the List #37: Garion’s Take 2

Top 5 Cult RPG Video Games My definition of “cult” in reference to media means that while a game or movie did not experience huge commercial success, it achieved a dedicated fan base.  Some of these games may even be critically acclaimed, but for some reason never resonated with the general public. […]

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