Rick Remender

Graphic Reviews: Tokyo Ghost

Tokyo Ghost Science fiction has long been trying to answer the question of whether technology is likely to bring more good or more ill to humanity and society in general and in large part, cyberpunk has been a part of that conversation. Whether it’s Ghost in the Shell or Neuromancer […]

Graphic Reviews: Black Science 1

Graphic Reviews: Black Science As I’ve mentioned a few times before, science fiction is largely hit or miss for me. The genre is capable of imagining incredible (and compellingly believable) futures whose trajectory from the present is very clear to see. Just think of all the great science fiction in […]

Graphic Reviews: Deadly Class

Continuing in the vein of messed up stories from last week, this week I’ll be reviewing Deadly Class which is written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Wes Craig.  Deadly Class is basically the story of high school if everyone was learning to be a cutthroat assassin. It’s dark, brutal […]