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A Bard’s Eye View: Artist Profile – The Mars Volta

Artist Profile The Mars Volta Country of origin: United States Genres: Progressive rock, experimental rock, jazz-rock, psychedelic rock, post-hardcore, musique concrete, jazz fusion, noise rock, math rock, Years active: 2001-2012 Current members: None Number of albums: 6 Number of concerts attended: 0 Notable cameos on artist’s records: Flea The Mars Volta […]

A Bards Eye View: Katatonia

The Fall of Hearts Reviewing the latest Katatonia album Katatonia has l0ng been a favorite of mine.  I first heard them in 2003 when Viva Emptiness had been released and I really dug the way Jonas’s calm and soothing voice contrasted the deep tonality of the guitars featured in the […]

A Bard’s Eye View: A Year for Progressive Rock Titles

A Year for Progressive Rock Titles Exploring the new Riverside album: “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” With Steven Wilson’s hand.cannot.erase album out and dominating 2015 in terms of progressive rock titles, it would appear that it would be difficult for any band to compete. Luckily, Riverside doesn’t have to […]