En-gage: Because I just bought a typewriter

  Do you wear over-sized glasses? Enjoy flannel and beards? Have you recently started buying records? Have a typewriter? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be a hip-ster (n.): a person who follows the latest trends of fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the […]

En-gage: while

What do we merit? What are we worth–werth (adj.): good or important enough to justify; having a value; worth–werth (n.): excellence of character or quality; usefulness or importance, as to the world, to  a person, or for a purpose; value; merit. The definition of worth sounds positive. We’re describing something […]

En-gage: Are you (co-co-)nuts?

I am al-ler-gic (adj.) to dair-y (adj.): containing or made from milk; Acidophilus milk  Ammonium Caseinate  Butter  Butter Fat  Butter Oil  Butter  Solids  Buttermilk  Buttermilk Powder  Calcium Caseinate  Casein  Caseinate  Cheese  Condensed Milk  Cottage Cheese  Cream  Curds  Custard  Delactosed Whey  Demineralized Whey  Dry Milk Powder  Dry Milk Solids  Evaporated Milk  […]

En-gage: You human, you robot 1

you [yoo] (pronoun, possessive, noun) human [hyoo-muh n] (adj., noun, verb) robot [roh-buh t] (noun) I have been working on a writing project since October about defining home (I’m a poet by nature). Although I thought I was done writing about home, its definition is ever-changing. Today, I want to […]