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Boxed Culture: Recovering From Gaming PTSD

This article is not meant to poke lightly at the term PTSD. As we adventure through the story of my situation keep in mind that as topical and light as it seems in my head, it was a very stressful nerve-racking time. I will just get started with my story. […]

Roll the List #35: Cait’s Take 1

Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Board Games For this week’s Roll the List, we’ll be discussing our top ten science fiction board games. The beauty of science fiction is that it encompasses an incredibly broad range of settings. For the purposes of my list, I’ll be going with Robert A. Heinlein’s […]

Boxed Culture: No 18XX Is Not My Username or Password

During our last weekly board game day/night I¬†was talking another avid cardboard collector (read board game addict). We started discussing his experience the week before with his first 18XX game. He told me he went to a convention that the people from a gaming group called Heavy Cardboard threw and […]