SitSoC Episode 268: VirtSoc: Dragon Taxonomy for some reason

Referenced Episode of Quicks Play: Kid Dracula Ep 9 Also, referenced: Sickle & Efrit: This Week In Horror – Creatues and Monster and Genres, Oh My! Taxonomy of Dragons: Do not look at this next picture until instructed to:

The Scoop: Elementary EDH – Ur-Dragon Love

As previously mentioned in my Jungons EDH deck post, I’ve built 2 dragon EDH decks. I have a great respect for the Jund color identity encompassing much of what dragons stand for, so even with the Ur-Dragon release, I couldn’t justify tearing apart my Jungons for a rainbow Ur-Dragon deck. […]

The Scoop: Elementary EDH – Jungons

Before dinosaurs became a thing, my two favorite creature types were hydras and dragons. That really hasn’t changed. I’ve found that hydras have a harder time conforming to an effective deck (which hasn’t stopped me from running a good chunk of them in my Animar EDH deck), but thanks to […]