Graphic Reviews: iZombie

As someone who spends a lot more time reading than I do watching television, I find that I always have this compulsion to read the book first when I hear about a movie or television show based on a book. This tends to mean that my to-read list just grows […]

Roll the List #31: Kyle’s Take 1

Stephen  Lynch, is one of my favorite singing comedians. He has some of the raunchiest songs out there. Moreover, he says stuff people are thinking…or at least what I am thinking. So what kinda games does the self-proclaimed son of the devil like? Let me try to guess his top […]

Roll the List #22: Kyle’s Take

Head to Head Underrated Comedy Comic Book We are looking at comic books two lists in a row, this thing must be rigged…. and that’s okay! I am here to convince you that Rocket Raccoon is probably the most comedically underrated comic that is out there and that Saga is a far second. […]