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Stephen  Lynch, is one of my favorite singing comedians. He has some of the raunchiest songs out there. Moreover, he says stuff people are thinking…or at least what I am thinking. So what kinda games does the self-proclaimed son of the devil like? Let me try to guess his top three!!

Excellent now this lightning combined with this blood will summon my dark Nazi God!!

Excellent now this lightning combined with this blood will summon my dark Nazi God!!


3. Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The sole reason I put this one the list is the Nazis. Once he realized one of his girlfriends was a Nazi Stephen would have probably decided, like any upstanding fighter of freedom, that his goal in his video game life was to kill as many Nazi’s as possible. This game has you running through corrupted locals and fighting the SS Paranormal Division. You also get to stop them from resurrecting a long dead Nazi warlock, so much like Hellboy, you get to kill Nazis and fight spooky shit! What better horror game for a man embittered by Nazi exes?

Is it a statue, a Grim Reaper or worse...a Weeping Angel?!

Is it a statue, a Grim Reaper or worse…a Weeping Angel?!

2. Legend of Grimrock

Once you figure out that Stephen Lynch used to play Dungeons and Dragons, you start to more deeply understand a lot of his music. One song in particular reflects how he interprets people’s views of D&D. This is by far one of the most varied and fun Stephen Lynch songs. But what game in the survival horror genre reflects his nerdy obsession with the occult books put out by Wizards of the Coast? How about Legends of Grimrock, a dungeon delver where you explore an unknown dungeon with a chance of dying around every corner. After being tried for crimes against the king, you are sentenced to your punishment of being placed in the mountain of Grimrock, where no prisoner has ever escaped. Not as horror as I would like but I was hard-pressed to find a better fantasy horror game that wasn’t Dark Souls. this crowbar does puncture the skull with sickening efficiency....interesting.

Ohh…so this crowbar does puncture the skull with sickening efficiency….interesting.

1. Manhunt

This may be my go-to game for most survival horror, but I believe that Mr. Lynch will truly enjoy the sadistic ideals in this game. After listening to his song called, “For The Ladies“, we can tell he really has some perfectly crazy thoughts tumbling around in his head. I just see him enjoying the discovery of the new “weapons” and trying to unlock every type of kill style. “Oh, I have never used the piano wire to its full extent before, let’s see what happens!” (Spoiler: you decapitate them). This game is also as survival as it gets. You are sneaking around and only using what you find. You don’t even get a gun until the latter half of the game! But guns are for pussies… is what I believe Mr. Lynch would say.

Stephen  Lynch is a disturbed individual. He writes some of the most depraved comedy I have ever heard. This is why I love his comedy. I hope you enjoyed this list and you learned a little something about yourself. Perhaps how you really feel about certain aspects of your mind.

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