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Top 3 Guesses at Matthew McConaughey’s Favorite Arcade Games

This Tuesday is Mr. Matthew McConaughey’s birthday. With the impending release of his new movie Interstellar and the fact that our list was top three guesses, we here at Aeither decided to honor him by guessing his top three arcade games!

3. Jurassic Park: One thing we can never forget that Matthew M did was his role in Reign of Fire. This movie was an awesome take on how the apocalypse would go down if dragons took over the world. This being the case, he is obviously prepared for large reptile-like creatures in combat, and what better game to mess up some reptilian monstrosities then the Jurassic Park Arcade game!

2. Crusi’n USA: As much as this man loved to drive Lincolns, before he was paid to, I am very sure he used to play this game before it was cool back in the day. He likes to travel backwards, which is not really conducive in that game but sometimes traveling backwards is the best way to see where you are going…even though the finish line is obviously forward, but forget them, he can do what he wants and go back, he just has look in the right place. Maybe with your luck you will meet up with Old Cyrus and have to take the long way…

1.Dance Dance Revolution: Believe it or not Matthew McConaughey got kicked out of a local arcade when he was 19 for playing DDR and stripteasing to Darude’s Sandstorm. Later in his career he would make a movie called Magic Mike. And people tell me that fate doesn’t exist.


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