Roll the List #18, Dalton’s Take

Top 3 Guesses at Matthew McConaughey’s Favorite Arcade Games

For today’s list, we will be making 3 guesses at a celebrity’s preferences in a particular category. The celebrity is not chosen at random, but must have a relation to the date of our post, whether that be a birthday or a major event. In this case, today is Matthew McConaughey’s birthday and the category is arcade games…so there you go.

3. Double Dragon – Because shirtless martial artists with denim vests on are right up Matthew’s alley. The guy has to take his shirt off in every film he is in. It is written in his contract in every film. So why wouldn’t he play video games with shirtless fellows roundhouse kicking people in the face? Street Fighter’s Ryu/Ken would also fit here.

2. Cruis’n USA – Because he was driving arcade games long before he was paid to drive them.

1. Pinball – They may age with McConaughey, but they take him back to a time where most have fond memories of his early performance in Dazed and Confused. While he had trouble escaping the character he developed from that film, I’m sure he doesn’t mind a game or two of classic pinball every once in a while.

OVERLAP: Cruis’n USA. On such a short list, Kyle and I actually overlapped. We obviously wanted to make the same humorous reference, but I find it truly odd that we happened to pick the same arcade game to fuel the joke. It is one of the older, more classic of the arcade racers, but I still found that to be quite the coincidence. Kudos to Kyle on his far-more clever take on the material in comparison to my one-liner.

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