Roll The List! #1, Kyle’s Take

Top 10 Under the Radar Comedy Table-Top Games of the Decade.

Usually an under the radar category is a bit easier because the topics tend to be large enough to have some low flyer. This week’s topic, however, is quite the contrary. Table top games are trending but still makeup quite a small percentage of American entertainment. Adding the Comedy genre to the list makes it that much more challenging to create a top 10. This makes it extremely hard to find under the radar games when you are a casual player or even a slightly invested player. So without further a due here we go:

10. We Didn’t Play Test This at All- This game is pretty much all in the name. One of these games can last anywhere from 3 seconds to 5 min but they are always pretty funny. The downside is also the upside because the increased speed of the game makes getting new cards that much more fun. Think you know what you are supposed to do when a player makes you pick a color? Think again because you just lost.

9. Last Will- This is another game that I have not played but am convinced it would be funny based on the product description, and yes I am lazy enough to copy/paste it so I do not have to summarize it.

“In his last will, your rich uncle stated that all of his millions will go to the nephew who can enjoy money the most. How to find out which nephew should be rich? You will each be given a large amount of money and whoever can spend it first will be the rightful heir. Visit the most exclusive theatres or eat in the most expensive restaurants. Buy old properties for the price of new ones and sell them as ruins. Host a huge party in your mansion or on your private boat. Spend like your life would depend on it. Spend to become rich! If you’re the first to run through the money on hand, you’ll receive the rest of his inheritance – oh, and win the game.”

A Brewster’s Millions board game! You had me at millions of dollars.

8. Smash Up- Another game featured on TableTop, ok I know this may not be under the radar but hey I am pretty sure TableTop is an under the radar show so bear with me. Have you ever wanted to see killer plant zombies battle ninja pirates? Don’t worry, that was rhetorical. This game lets you take pre-made factions and simply shuffle them together in order to create a brand new army to vie for power over bases. Score the most victory points and you win. This game can be hilarious, I was cracking up the first time I saw Wizard dinosaurs. “You’re a lizard Harry!” Classic.

7. Gloom- As depressing as this game may sound it is actually hilarious trying to kill off the family you control in the most horrible way possible. The story telling aspect of this game truly brings it to life and makes it the best. Then they added a C’thulhu expansion and it got even better. What is better than Lord Wellington Smythe getting strangled to death by tentacles or going mad in his dreams? Only an infinite supply of bacon is the correct answer.

6.  Ladies and Gentlemen- This game is more of a comedy game in its premise. It has groups of players playing in teams of two. One member controls the man and the other controls the woman. The man’s goal is to make money and the woman’s goal is to spend it, all in an effort to look the best at the big ball. It can get really nuts when you have a group of people playing it and drinking at the same time. Sexism is prevalent here and tons of stereotypes and laughs.

5. Dungeon Lord’s- For those of us that have played Dungeons and Dragons, I hope, and wondered what goes into creating those expansive dungeons and traps and such? Well this game basically puts you in the pants of a Dungeon Lord, as the name implies, getting ready to tromp those pesky heroes when they attempt to steal your stuff. Best part is the follow up series to this is called Dungeon Petz, wherein you are playing a breeder of monsters for the dungeon lords, so awesome.

4. Kobolds Ate my Baby- The way I was introduced to this game was the following, ‘‘It is a game where everyone played a kobold and you pretty much play only one session at a time because no one’s character survives.” I responded with,” I want to go to there.” In reality this RPG is one where you play a Kobold trying to deliver a baby (or four) to your king. How will you die in pursuit of this task is kind of up to you.

3. Fiasco- I have personally never played this game, so it is pretty low on the list. The reason I still choose to include it is because of the descriptions I have heard. One comment said it was like a Coen brother’s movie role –playing game. Another person answered the question of how to play Fiasco with the comment,”With generous amounts of alcohol.” I can see why some may not think this game is under the radar as it was on TableTop but i assure you if you are not part of the gaming community you probably have never heard of this game before.

2. 1000 Blank White Cards- This game is in a similar vein as We Didn’t Play Test This at All except you are creating the cards as you play. This game requires you to have a bunch of blank cards and a few pre-made ones, of your choice, and then just go at it. This game seems like it could get pretty hilarious pretty fast when grudges and words are flying. While my group has a few cards ready to go we still need to sit down and play it once or twice. After each game there is a period where your group votes on which cards to keep in and which ones to remove forever.

1. Red Dragon Inn- Ok so you just killed one of those dungeon lords and you are journeying back to town. First place you go is the temple to heal or to the market to sell items, right? WRONG, you go to the tavern to drink and spend all your hard-earned gold. This game is what takes place in the tavern; Gambling, drinking, debauchery, and violence are how you get your other adventuring mates to get too drunk to stand or lose all of their money. Last adventurer standing wins bragging rights!


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