Roll the List! #1, Dalton’s Take 1

Top 10 Under-the-Radar Comedy Table-Top Games of the Decade

As my colleague so eloquently put it, this topic is one of particular separation for the two of us, especially in the sense of perspective and knowledge. Thereby, my fellow Kyle far exceeds my own knowledge of this subject matter, which will bring us to two entirely different conclusions on table-top game inclusions based on the under-the-radar subject. As the format itself is relatively low-key, Kyle was forced to dig deeper into his now endless stash of games to bring forth his list. I am graced with the luxury of ignorance in this regard, as I am going to, for a lack of a better word, cheat in order to produce this “under-the-radar” topic. For I do not know any better in regards to what is and isn’t popular in a genre of games that I own but one: Munchkin. So let the list begin!

 Gloom – The dark hilarity of Gloom can be seen in the very concept of the gameplay: you win by losing. Make your family suffer more than your opponent’s family and by virtue (or lack thereof) you win! The dark humor that abounds in this game seems quite enjoyable to me, for a soul as esteem-less as my own.

Smallworld – I am well-aware AEIthernet guests that this is a wild stretch to include this amidst under-the-radar titles, but I am simply running out of valid ideas. This is one of few table-top titles that Kyle was not the only one to convince me to play, which should be a red flag to its popularity. I suppose an argument could even be made in regards to the humor, but I find the cartoonish style worth a giggle or two, if not the various races (such as the Shadow Mimes and Shrooms) that certainly instill a laugh.

King of Tokyo – A nice, little Godzilla satire game that boasts a fast learning curve, quick games, and a goofy design style that adds to the fun.

Cards Against Humanity – I’m breaking all the rules, here, people, just to make this list happen! This isn’t really a table-top game and it is definitely not under-the-radar, but it is dang funny and a great time, especially if everyone has partaken of spirits before joining in. It’s like Apples to Apples if that game was designed by Louis CK’s acid-induced stand-up routine from Hell.

Smash Up – Like King of Tokyo and Smallworld, the humor of this game for me is like a 5 year old giggling at the painting of a clown. I am easily amused by illustrations, I suppose. This game was a different style of play for me and I rather enjoyed it. It’s hard not to laugh at the chaos unfolding from the various races attempting to demolish everything in sight.

Grave Robbers from Outer Space – I’ve never played it, but this bizarre card-based satire of horror pokes fun at the cliches of horror films. The point is to create your own cliche-riddled horror movie and have the better film by the time the “credits roll” (which apparently is a card you can draw to end the game). I’d love to give this game a shot sometime.

Unxploded Cow – A card game in which you buy mad cows to blow up land mines to get more money to buy more mad cows to blow up more mines…Yes, a simple but brilliant game idea. Moo.

Falling – This game sounds absolutely ridiculous, which I suppose is kind of the point of this list. The plot of the game is that all players are falling…out of the sky…to eventually hit the ground and die…The goal is not to survive, as death is inevitable for all players. The goal is to be the last one to die, by various methods printed on the cards. A morbidly dark humor game, but still sounds like fun…before you become a splat on the pavement.

Killer Bunnies – I have never played this humor-oriented card game, and probably never will, but it holds sentimental value to me. And now I am forcing you to read the story. My mother began participating in fantasy football a few years back. She was determined to come up with an awesome team name and spent more time the first year on her team name creation than studying players. She finally came up with Killer Rabbits, based on her love of the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I then purchased this game, with no intention on ever playing it, as more-so a gag gift to give my mother a laugh. It worked. And now you know a little more about me, AEIthernet readers!

1000 Blank White Cards – This game is quickly gaining steam from what I hear, which isn’t much from under the rock that I call home. I have yet to play this delightful game, but if it is anything like the Google Hangout kickstarted by dear Kyle on the topic of this game, it is sure to be a blast. Basically, it is exactly like it sounds. You essentially create the game as you go along, writing down rules on the cards. By the way, was this a poor college student’s invention or are people really spending money on blank cards?… I’m too lazy to look up the legitimacy of this game…

Alright, Kyle…I survived round 1 of Roll the List! on perhaps the worst possible topic for me to cover…I hope the next one involves football in some capacity, and then we’ll see who’s laughing!

OVERLAP – As will be expected from time-to-time, particularly when it comes to lists of 10, Kyle and I will overlap selections. In this case we had 3: 1000 Blank White Cards, Smash Up, and Gloom. I am convinced Smallworld missed his cut because of popularity and he is scoffing at my selection of Cards Against Humanity and a handful of others. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be laughing at some of his choices on future lists in which I have the intellectual upper hand!

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One thought on “Roll the List! #1, Dalton’s Take

  • Kyle

    You actually managed to find a few games I have never heard of St all. Falling and unexploded cow and grave robbers. Out of the three grave robbers sounds the best to me. Reminds me of a more low key combination of Flux and Last night on earth!