SitSoC Episode 48: Flash, AAaaaah! Gordon

Flash Gordon Hydration Activity Rules:

Take a sip every time:

  • Flash knows how to use advanced technology instantly.
  • Dale does something inexplicably stupid.
  • Zarkov has a theory and is totally right.
  • Ming states something using the Royal We or kills someone.
  • Aura kisses someone.
  • Barin does something douche-y.
  • Vultan hits someone or laughs.

Every time someone says _____ take a drink and say _____…(like Rocky Horror shoutouts)

  • “Flash” “Aaah” (as in the opening theme)
  • “Gordon” “Gordon’s Alive!”
  • “Flash Gordon” “He’ll save everyone of us!”
  • “Dale” “Duh duh-duh”(think Carlos Mencia)
  • “Zarkov” (Point dramatically)
  • “Ming” “Heil!”
  • “Aura/Ming’s Daughter” “Slut!”
  • “Barin” “Douche!”
  • “Vultan” “DIIIIIVE!”
  • “Earth” “I/We live there!”
  • “Klytus” “Von DOOM”

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