SitSoC Episode 292: VirtSoc: Kevin Owns The Band Name Game

Where Kevin just keeps knocking it out of the park! Also, we don’t really know what Fentanyl is.

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One thought on “SitSoC Episode 292: VirtSoc: Kevin Owns The Band Name Game

  • Explicitly Garion

    Backfist with a Buckler – Hardcore bardcore covers of Backstreet Boys

    Dipless Mouths – bluegrass coverband of the Rolling Stones

    Parking Lot Arms Deal – the band met in an abandoned parking lot where they would work out since none of them could afford a gym. They allegedly witnessed the sale of illegal substances during one of these sessions. They all have huge biceps and play in-your-face southern rock.

    Fentanyl Break – a band of unemployed drug counselors who all had a poor track record of helping patients with their addictions. They combined their experiences to make psychedelic 70s-style rock.

    Delicious Wafts of Amy – Electronica that exclusively uses soundclips from the Amy’s Baking Company episode of Kitchen Nightmares