SitSoC Episode 142: Enter, Band Name Game

More audio issues, folks.  I swear, we figure this out eventually.  In the mean time, we start the Band Name Game.  The list grows every day.  Today’s the first day we take a crack at it.  I’m not listing every single band, that’s Kevin’s job.

For Kyle, who doesn’t know who Kraftwerk are:

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One thought on “SitSoC Episode 142: Enter, Band Name Game

  • Kevin

    Clickbait Event Horizon – syfi dubstep or chiptune punk

    Hipsters Fling Steel – Ironic folk or lumberjacks playing Irish music

    Inverse Romboy – Bad House music or Kraftwork cover music or Math Rap

    Bandoleer of Dongles – Run of the mill boring Ska band

    Dramamine and Vodka – Emo or Evenesence cover band or Metal Enya

    Milk Funhouse – Swedish or Japanese Pop band

    Stomach Churning Gooch Punch – Ska version of Five Finger Death Punch

    Spiteful Bespoke Bike Spoke Spokesman – Spoken-word Bob Dylan inspired beat poet who has a guitar but never plays it.

    Apathy and Paper – a Capella punk band or A-Ca-Punk

    MIGHTY DIGITAL HANKERING – Electric Banjo driven hillbilly live electronica

    Broken Ropes and Twisted Stakes – Emo Pop or a bad Johnny Cash cover band (but must have a Behind the Music special)

    Brandi and a Sword – Swedish or Finish Rock but with a lead singer named Brandi that only covers songs with Brandi or French Pirate Metal or Icelandic Saw (side note, this could be a band name in itself)

    Lipstick on a Cigar – Female Tom Waits cover band

    Synchronized Mincing – Live Dance troupe of women dressed as gay men or British punk band or A Capella

    Phone Booth Knife Fights – Irish Rock or New York themed Panic at the Disco