Aeither Announcements: Pardon Our Dust

Pardon Our Dust

There are always things happeneing here at Aeither.Net and we wanted to take a moment to go over some of that stuff!

Stuff, it is-a-Changing

It always saddnes us when people can no longer write for our site but with life comes change. Sometimes that change does not facaillate the ability to keep up routines. In this vein, the writers of Digital Beard Stroking and Bard’s Eye View will be taking a hiatus for the known future. If they deicde to come back we will make sure to let you all know, but until then farewell Kendric and Ryan.

Sometimes the changes mentioned above lead to subtle yet important differences. These come in the form of articles changing their posting schedules. Ususally (I say that knowing some of the issues we have had in the past) we prefer to have very regimented posting scheduels, so it is important to let you all know when our articles are coming out.

Monday: The Living Card Guy/Boxed Culture

Tuesday: No new articles will be posted

Wednesday: Retro-Viewer (Starting 3/8/17)

Thursday: Graphic Review

Friday: SitSoc

Weekends: No new articles will be posted

New New New!

As you saw above we have a whole new line up including a new article from our buddy Joe Quick. He is a close friend of ours and deciede to write a while back for our Star Wars Month. We liked him so much we offered him a slot for writing on the site regularly! If you want to know more about Joe or Retro-Viewer check out the banner or see the links here:



In a whole differennt direction we have recent released a shop where you can get awesome merchandise from all your favorite Aeither.Net content. Check that out on the top banner or click here.

Thank You

This is a pretty short post but we just wanted you all to know what was gonig on and maintain clarity about our site. We love everyone who comes here to read and want you all to know we feel that way! So from the bottom of our hearts thank you for being a reader/subscriber/anything you wanna call your self.

We are also looking for new writers with new ideads. Think you have what it takes to write for Aeither.Net? Let us know! Send an email with here with your ideas and we will walk you through the application process!

Once again than you everyone and thanks for being a memeber of our family!

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