Addicted To Cards: The LCG – Slow and Steady!


Slow and Steady!

There is a new Delux expansion coming out from Team Apoka, Chronicles of Heroes. These are the folks that took up the mantle of creators after FFG had to stop making Warhammer 40,000 Conquest. This time we are seeing a whole bunch of new stuff surrounding various different Space Marine chapters. Today we’re going to focus on one of the new keywords, Lumbering. Lumbering is a negative keyword attached to some seriously powerful cards. It causes the unit to exhaust after the battle begins at the planet they are at. This allows for an interesting new design space, so let’s just dive right in!

Our first card is a pretty basic card with the ability to come back! So here we see a 2 attack 2 hit point unit for 2 resources. It totally passes the vanilla test, but the really interesting part about this card is that it comes back for free during the deploy phase. You can put this unit at target non-first planet but when a battle starts there it will exhaust. It still provides a unit to do any number of things with! Perhaps you just need a unit to sacrifice or maybe you need a command icon! Who knows but the Firstborn Commissar will be there for you like your best friend! Speaking of best friends lets take a look at our next card!

Distorted Talos is great. While the lumbering keyword makes it slow to start fighting if you use a shield on it functions not only to block incoming damage but to heal all the damage from the unit! Yet another best friend who will be with you through thick and thin because it will be incredibly hard to kill. I’m very interested to see how this functions with one of the newer warlords, Liatha. But how will how will The Emperor’s Finest ever survive the onslaught of these new lumbering beasts!

Centurion Warsuit is the epitome of what the lumbering keyword can offer. When a unit has this attachment they truly become an elite unit in the Emperor’s service. As a Centurion, the unit gets extra attack and extra health which is a great addition to any unit you want to be beefier! But it does have a downside, as that unit also gains lumbering< However, a unit with this will truly benefit especially if played it is played on the right one(I am looking at you Blood Angles Veterans). But what happens when the weight of war finally takes its toll and strikes fear into The Emperor’s Finest.

Traumatophobia is the fear of war or injury, and if anyone is going to cause this, it is the Necrons. This card is very interesting as it allows the adorning of the lumbering keyword to any enemy army unit. Even the most powerful foes can be brought to their knees with this card. It is simple yet effective when you need to manipulate the battle in your favor!

That is all for today. Join us next time we when we look at another new keyword from Chronicles of Heroes, Retaliate. What do you think of these cards? Do they make you feel like you will be an unstoppable force plowing through your opponent or perhaps you will use this new power against them to win? According to Team Apoka this may not be the last we heard of the lumbering keyword. Perhaps on a very unique kind of card with a cadre of other cards to accompany it… Anyway let us know what you thought in the comment and well see you again next week, Living Card Guy out!


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