Addicted to Cards: The LCG – Bloody Vengeance!


Bloody Vengeance!

Welcome back to our second week of coverage of the new Team Apoka Deluxe Expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Conquest, Chronicles of Heroes. Last week we covered one of the new keywords, Lumbering. A negative keyword that is attached to cards with very powerful effects. This week we are taking a look at another brand new keyword, Retaliate!  Retaliate is a keyword that lets a unit dish out one last shot of damage before it is dealt damage. A very powerful and game-changing effect as we will see in this article!


Out first card is the Inspiring Sergeant. This the first line of attack on the lines of battle for the Ultramarine Chapter. A straight-up great card for the two resources you spend on him. But the best part is the new keyword. As we can see from the reminder text Retaliate can trigger whenever the unit would take damage. This could be the first damage it takes in a turn or the damage that is about to kill it but the most important part is it happens during damage assessment. Evermore, thus units reaction ability allows it to stick around for a bit longer before you resolve that Retaliate! Let’s move away from the poster-boy Space Marine chapter and look at another faction.


The next Space marines faction with retaliate is The Grey Knights! The Fierce Purgator is one beastly unit. Each time it resolves an attack it will deal one damage to a unit at this planet and each adjacent planet. This means bye bye Rouge Traders and Void Pirates! It also has an awesome interaction with one of the new mechanics from the last Deluxe Expansion, Faith! If this unit has Faith it will be able to strike back for 3 damage when it is assigned damage. you might say this card is hot fire …. I’m not sorry. There is one more chapter that is dripping with flavor surrounding this keyword. Any guesses?

 That is right folks the Blood Angels are all about sweet sweet vengeance in the form of the Retaliate keyword. A bit of backstory here this keyword was originally created for this faction specifically! This support is the flaw that comes with being part of the Blood Angels chapter. “The Flaw” as they call it and so did Team Apoka! I am a fan of accurately used traits on cards, it is little things that make me happy. But let’s focus on what this support does. Once a turn you can use this card to give a unit the taste of the Black rage that is rushing around the battle. It will get stronger and tougher and even lash out one last time before it dies! you might also notice the inconspicuous yellow symbol that is on the right side of this card. that is right folks! We have a new Warlord incoming!


Oh boy howdy! Mephisto is a mythic card! Get it because one of his traits is myth, I am on fire! This warlord has the ability to imbue all units in play Retaliate. This means any unit can sacrifice itself before it is about to die to deal an extra damage! However, this keyword has the ability to stack as well, so with any of the cards, we have seen today that already have retaliated it will add to the number! Speak of stacking we get eh ability with Mephisto to stack the cards and resources when we are winning command struggles at planets! This means you can really focus on a few key planets s a bit easier and still keep up with your opponent. It is fantastic to have a bomb or two laying in wait and that is where our final card comes in.

The Sanguine Sword is everything you could ever want in a signature attachment. With Mephisto out this card gives a unit retaliate 4! It also can target any unit so if you have your warlord or an army unit or even a token you can put this bad boy on to make sure you get that extra damage out.

That is it for this time but stay excited because we will have some really great new stuff to show you! But until then what do you think of these cards? Does you mind light on fire with ways to use retaliate o will you try your best o fight against it! Let us know in the comments, Living Card Guy out!


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