Moviephors: Metawars – A Brief Look at Star Wars Metaphors

Metawars – A Brief Look at Star Wars Metaphors Every film hides its own metaphors. Whether intentional or not, or requiring a particular worldview or perspective, the best and worst films in history have their own metaphors and/or symbolism rife within them. We simply need to look. Star Wars is […]

Moviephors: The War on Aliens

The War on Aliens Moviephors – Metaphors in Movies, an Introduction Here is a quick breakdown on the concept of this article. Every other Sunday I will be posting a small essay on the metaphors or symbolism found in a particular film. Said metaphors may not be direct, but in […]

SitSoC Episode 6: Schrodinger’s Epilogue

In which nobody looks up the definition of Epilogue….for some reason.