Series: Spitting in the Stream of Consciousness

SitSoC Episode 122: Who Wants Dick Pics?

Steam Punk sub-genres: Re: Science:

SitSoC Episode 121: Yet Another Stupid Listicle

Probably the dumbest listicle we’ve covered yet.  Including that time we covered the dumbest listicles! Penis Count: 27

SitSoC Episode 120: What Is Skill? We Just Don’t Know

Where we talk about things like Dark Souls vs Monster Hunter and why skill doesn’t mean anything! Also, I just don’t edit things, really.  Stop asking me, Past Kendric.

SitSoC Episode 119: Rooms Escape Me

Where we gather up Cait and Amy and go out to an Escape Room.  Hear our review.  No spoilers.

SitSoC Episode 118: Foods That Hurt Us and also Racism

We’re both wrong, it’s Sweet Spicy Chili. Also: Pringles,  wtf: (referenced: ) Also, Kendric has issues with food service people in general.

SitSoC Episode 117: The Podcast Episode

The song Kyle keeps referencing: The breakfast burritos were delicious, by the way.  Technical difficulties notwithstanding. Referenced Game Reviewer Thing: Go check out

SitSoC Episode 116: Our Favorite Books and stuff

Go check out the Myth-Inc series ( ) Maybe don’t go check out the Codex Blair series ( ) Probably go check out Canto Bight ( )

SitSoC Episode 115: Blanket Consequences

Spoiler Alert: Ready Player One Referenced (and it was from 1490 – 1510):

SitSoC Episode 114: Raging Extended Canon

Where we ramble around and never quite answer what constitutes Canon and Extended Canon, but hey, it’s fun and we’re all having fun, right?

SitSoC Episode 113: The Dreamcast

Where we have some crazy dreams, some crazy experiences and we talk about it, despite it making practically no sense.