Series: Spitting in the Stream of Consciousness

SitSoC Episode 107: Kyle Eats a Bagel

Ramble, Haunted Houses, Ramble, Reminder that we record on weird days, Ramble Ramble.   I couldn’t find the link to the Haunted House list, so you’re on your own for that.  Good luck.

SitSoC Episode 106: Tea!

Health advice from these jerks!  Also, the referenced ridiculous costumes:

SitSoC Episode 105: The Ethically Moral Return of E-Venting!

We’d be relevant if we didn’t record these way in advance!  Also, I’m about 78% sure that we don’t know what Morals and Ethics are.

SitSoC Episode 104: Amy Round 2: Worst SuperPowers (and other stuff)

Lots of rambling, then we revisit the worst superpowers.

SitSoC Episode 103: Amy Scholandra Reams replaces Kyle Judas Hagan

Hi Check out Kyle and Dalton’s thing!   And seriously, just go check out the effervescent and diet-friendly Hiball

SitSoC Episode 102: So Many Personalities and Avatars

Where we ramble quite a bit, but talk about our online personae and how we came across them/developed them. Also, I do know that WoW is not 15 years old yet, but that won’t stop me from sayin’ stuff. The Devil We Know:

SitSoC Episode 101: Human Trafficking, Cossacks and Ghost Riding

(sorry for more crunchy audio, folks.  I’m not sure how, but it’s definitely Kyle’s fault.) Ghost Riding: Cossak Stunt Riding:  

SitSoC Episode 100: The Clip Show!

We’ve pulled up some of our favorite clips and carefully edited them together with our commentary to reminisce on some of the fun times we’ve had for this last (almost) two years!

SitSoC Episode 99:Great American Beer Fest, Beer, Also Beer

Beer fest, beer, also beer and these (apologies for the sound issues part way through.  Weird wind noise got in.  Probably fajita day):