Top 5 Cult Drama Video Games of this Year, Kyle’s Take

Top 5 Cult Drama Video Games of this Year


Since this year just started, most of the games on my list are going to be from 2013. I kinda thought cult things are similar to under the radar. The difference I have established is that I think this category is about obscurity, internet following and how many people you will tell to play the game after experiencing it. So here we go.


5. Fire Emblem:Awakening – This game has developed a cult following due to the nature in which you develop relationships in the game. It allows you to develop deep (and sometimes romantic) relationships between the characters in the game. The reason I am calling this a drama game is because in fire emblem when a character dies they are dead, dead, dead. So don’t get too attached or you may get very sad.


4. Outlast – This game is in the long line of cult suspense horror games that all are pretty fucking scary, however, I feel this game differentiates in one special way. I have yet to hear one person who has played this game tell me they have been scared by anything other than the environment of the game itself. From a story telling perspective that is just amazing to me. The best way to freak someone out is to use their own mind against them, which is why this game is on this list. Also due to my undying love for the horror genre I will try to always make the horror theme fit into every list! 🙂


3. XCOM Fanchise – Before the first of these games even came out I was hearing the underground rumbles from fans of the old series. One of my friends in particular was stoked for this game, so much so he went into telling me all the amazing aspects of the original, once again reminding me how much gaming I missed out on in my early life. However my old roommate did explain something that makes this game extremely dramatic, character naming. Usually naming your characters in a game is the best part (and in this game in particular I was told a story of the heroic actions my character had performed). The down side, much like Fire Emblem, is your characters can die. There is nothing worse to coming home to a saddened roommate who I’d distressed because your character he named you after died in the game.


2. The Stanley Parable – I think the thing that interested me about this game the most is the complete lack of anyone being able to actually tell me what it was about. The only think they could say was the the narrator was amazing. He tells your story and will literally comment on everything you do. Whilst the game is not so serious I think the drama comes in as you become more and more seriously interested in what the fuck is going on and why you are in the place you are exploring.


1. DayZ – I have seen and heard amazing things about this game. Considering it is a moded version of an already obscure game, ARMA, it is making the cult list. The drama in this game is no where near traditional story telling drama. To me the drama lies in the fact that you don’t understand humans as well as you though you did. In many of my favorite post apocalyptic stories, The Walking Dead Comic being the main one, the worst part about the world ending is who you have to survive it with. In DayZ you may see a lowly band of survivors, power in numbers you think as you move towards them. Little did you know they knew you were there and are pretty sure you are sneaking up to try to steal their truck so, “BOOM” they shoot you in the head. Next time around perhaps I will wait and see if they leave so maybe I can just take some of their resources you think. While they’re thinking of ways you might get your sweet reviving on them. All this happening while being chased and fucked over by zombies mid-plan.


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