The LCG: The Laughter of a God

The Laughter of a God

It has been quite some time since I have gotten the scoop for some new Team Apoka cards, but the other day I was shown some of the new cards in their upcoming war pack, the Laughing God.

The first card I snuck a peek at was a new Astra Militarium card that supports my favorite archetype, Tanks!!

Good ol’ Grigory Maksim is one of my favorite warlords, and one of his most annoying and awesome cards is Searchlight. This card allowed vehicles to be very mobile and reactive to your opponent’s decisions. I like Departmento Munitorium Aid because for zero cost our vehicle gets another hitpoint and the ability to heal itself. We also get to retreat, which could be good or bad depending on the situations, but with cards like Searchlight we can move a vehicle back and forth between planets or even the same combat after healing. I think at zero cost and two shields and this effect I think it is a 3of in any vehicle deck.

Our next card is a very interesting chaos card that really made me remember how mental Conquest is.

I have always been an advocate for increasing your opponent’s decision points in this game is a great way to win. Incontrolable Rioters card makes for some interesting play decisions. First off when combined with Slaanesh’s Temptation you could really swing a turn in your favor. And with the right direct damage and/or removal, you may not have to worry about it next turn. Secondly, when this card hits the table, it quite literally forces your opponent to abandon their current plan. Increasing cost is not a trivial thing in Conquest so I really like the idea of having one or two of these in a chaos deck just to pressure your opponent on a very important turn.

Our next card is something I have been waiting for a while in the Ork faction. we see so many really cool attachments in Orks, but there is not a lot help to make them worth playing.

A 2/2 deep striker for one resource is not bad in the first place. Even if you do pay two for it you can then start making your investment pay off by using cards to buff it and get extra hp. Also, having a few of these cards is nice for keeping your most powerful attachments in the game for longer. If your Cybork Body buffed Ork dies then you can play it again on someone else! Maybe even this guy to make him a 2/6. I like it when strange archetypes that never got love get love. Call me a bleeding heart.

Our final card is one that I chose due to its necessity in the game to make the Necrons feel so much more thematic.

This card just screams “build around me.” In a mono Necron deck, this card could really work magic. Getting to rally the top 6 cards of your deck and then put a unit into play is really great. Who doesn’t want free units? Endless Legions also drips with Necron theme. When I used to play the 40k tabletop game I loved Necrons for their ability to just kind of never die. Since this support is not unique you can have it trigger up to three times if the cards are right. This is by far my favorite card from the set as theme usually wins out with me.

There are so many other great cards in this set to be excited about. The set is awesome overall and has some really great content. It will be released sometime in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for the announcement! What do you think of the spoiled cards? Do you see any new combos or crazy things you can do with these cards? Let me know in the comments. Living Card Guy Out!


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