The LCG: Chest-bursting Excitement!

Chest-bursting Excitement!

Long time no see readers! I’m back again with some Team Apoka Warhammer 40,000 Spoilers from their upcoming pack The Mask Falls Off. Intense name right? Well, the pack is just as intense as far as I have seen and I’m here to spoil some of the cards today! One of my favorite parts of the 40k universe is how they pull in tropes from other Sci-fi and make it their own. Genestealers are one of those tropes. Genestealers are straight outta the Alien films. So if you like the alien films and 40k the spoilers from this pack are gonna rock your socks!

Let’s start off with this lil buddy:

The Genestealer Hybrid is a pretty legit signature unit. They only have two ATK, but they have 4 HP. They block off Area Effect damage on other units but must declare as defenders. They cost two but cannot be deployed from your hand. Wait, what? How on earth are we supposed to play them then? Hmm, well maybe we’ll figure that out later, but these guys are pretty awesome. Let’s look at another card and see if we can figure out the strange mystery of the Hybrids.

Our next card is a signature event called Accelerated Gestation.

Well, that is kinda weird. Why would my opponents’ units have face down cards? … Well anyway, this card seems great. surprising your opponent with a fancy new unit and deal an unpreventable damage to them all for free. I like it! We can only do it once per round, but it still is a very nice effect.

Everything about these spoilers so far has been kinda strange. First, the Hybrids cannot even be deployed from hand. Second, the Accelerated Gestation lets us look at facedown cards and deploy them and deal damage. After thinking about it, there is only one thing I can think of!

Related image

No, wait I meant this!

It makes so much sense now! With Magus Harid we can place units face down and then chest burst them out of our opponents’ units when they die. You still need to pay for them but that is okay for something like Scything Hormaguants, Virulent Spore Sacs, or event a surprise elite unit. When compared to Subject Omega we get kind of a strangely timed ambush for any possible unit in our deck. Thinking about it, we can attach any card that can be deployed face down. For instance, Fleshhooks, Regeneration, or the super thematic Parasitic Infection. Anyway you slice it you can do some fun stuff with this warlord. But that is not where the thematic properties stop. Look at what happens when Magus get bloodied:

Even Magus has a little chest bursting goodness in his chest! So when he finally is defeated you get more time. Nothing can stop the oncoming hordes of Genestealers!

Well, that is all I got for today folks. What do you think of our new Genestealer Overlords? Do you like the chest-bursting goodness or prefer to leave with your sternum intact? Let us know in the comments. I will see ya next time, Living Card Guy out!


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