The Hyperlane Report: Up in the Stars

Up in the Stars

Last week we got some new info about the next Destiny expansion, Empire at War, releasing sometime later this year. In the FFG article, we got some spoilers in addition to Sabine Wren, that was previously shown at Star Wars Celebration. Today, I am going to go through the process that brought me to a new deck idea! Let us start with the first card that caught my eye, Ezra Bridger:

The best thing about Ezra is his point cost. He is the perfect elite to fit into with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Jyn Erso. With a Force counterpart, he not only give you access to great yellow control and speed cards but can also use all of the blue upgrades, how neat! I was thinking Obi-Wan and Ezra seems like a fun build and I got excited thinking about Obi having access to some of the fun yellow upgrades like Fast Hands for some janky fun! Also I like the idea of being able to steal stuff from my opponent to become One With The Force or even play this next card more effectively!

There are only two other cards that allow you to ready a character in the game right now, The Price of Failure and Leadership. So Master of the Council having the potential to ready a character each turn for two resources is kind of mind blowing. On top of this we have TWO mod damage sides that work well with two of Obi’s sides and could cause some serious Vibroknife damage! Also notice how there is not a single blank side on this die. At a cost of 4, this card is looking pretty sweet. Speaking of yellow cards, as I have done twice now, check out the last of the spoiler I will cover before I go over the deck.

At first I thought Quick Escape was not very good as passing your actions could be really detrimental, but after thinking about it I really like Quick Escape, especially since I want to run Force Speed in the deck! That way I can hopefully resolve all my dice first and then Quick Escape my opponents damage dice out of the pool. It also seems like it could be good for a turn where you opponent has spent a lot of time rerolling dice. I did only put in one copy because doing this more then once does actually seem a bit much and there is better removal we can use. Like what you ask? Well let’s look at the deck!

Docking Bay – Finalizer (Spirit of Rebellion #153)

2x Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mysterious Hermit (Spirit of Rebellion #37)
2x Ezra Bridger, Force-sensitive Thief (Empire at War #38)

2x One With The Force (Awakenings #42)
2x Handcrafted Light Bow (Spirit of Rebellion #39)
2x Maz’s Goggles (Spirit of Rebellion #50)
2x Force Speed (Spirit of Rebellion #55)
2x Vibroknife (Spirit of Rebellion #57)
2x Fast Hands (Spirit of Rebellion #150)
2x Master of the Council (Empire at War #36)

1x The Force is Strong (Awakenings #125)
2x It Binds All Things (Awakenings #150)

2x Negotiate (Awakenings #131)
2x Use The Force (Awakenings #149)
2x Guard (Spirit of Rebellion #103)
2x My Ally Is The Force (Spirit of Rebellion #105)
2x Loth-Cat and Mouse (Spirit of Rebellion #114)
2x Friends in Low Places (Spirit of Rebellion #146)
1x Quick Escape (Empire at War #113)

As I talked about most of the article the idea is to get the really expensive upgrades out by using the supports, by stealing opponents resources with Ezra, or by letting Obi get defeated. I put a lot of the good control cards in from both colors. Use the Force, Negoitate, Loth-Cat and Mouse, and Guard all make an apperance. I chose the Docking bay because that means you can get the supports out for free and use them after you draw to roll out the good expensive upgrades. I do not know how well this deck would do but it it could be really awesome to play. I think my ideal opening hand is something like this:

  1. Fast Hands
  2. Force Speed
  3. Negotiate
  4. Vibroknife
  5. It Binds All Things

This would really give you a solid first few turns and get the deck started. Hopefully you can build up some steam on stealing resources before you opponent can use them and so you can be in a good spot when you draw da big blue bombs! I could not decide on a good name for the deck so I asked my SO. She Said Up in the Stars and at first I didn’t get it. What do an old man and a kid have to do with that name. then it clicked! Up, like the Disney movie and Star Wars. I liked it!

I hope you had a good time following my inspiration. These spoiler seriously made me excited for what else we may see from this set. I did not mention the other spoilers covered in the FFG Article but if you want to take a look at them go here! What do you think about the deck? Does it look as fun as it seems or will it fall flat on its face? Let me know in the comments but for now it’s time to jump!



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