The Hyperlane Report: Drafting, It Isn’t Just for Podracing

Drafting, It Isn’t Just for Podracing

Drafting is now a thing you can do in Star Wars Destiny! A lot of people were waiting for this as a new way to enjoy the game and draft and sealed play is a huge deal for any CCG. With these new packs, a new era has begun for Destiny! The Era of Galactic Limited play is here! Let’s take a brief look at the format and what it means for players who have never played a draft of a sealed event before.

Drafting is a way to play a CCG or booster-based game that is part of a limited format of the game. Limited means that you DO NOT bring a deck from outside the game when you play the format. Instead, you grab a draft pack and then depending on the format you grab boosters to build your deck. In draft formats, you get 6 boosters you open one at a time. You pick cards and pass the booster to obtain cards you will use to deck build. Yes, this means you may not get all the cards from the packs you buy to open. This is a scary feeling for people who have never drafted before, but we will talk about how that works a bit later. The second way to play limited is sealed. In sealed you take your draft starter and 8 boosters and build a smaller than usual deck to play for a full swiss tournament. In this format, you keep everything you pull, so it is more like regular deck build except your available pool is, wait for it, limited! (hence the format name).

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Just in case my drafting reference in the title wasn’t clear.

So as I mentioned above, the draft format causes players to make decisions based on a lot of things! It is almost like a game of its own; which cards you draft and which cards you pass to your opponents! This is not an article about draft strategy I’m sure there are plenty of those already. Today I’m just gonna explain the two different types of draft you can expect to see in the world. The first is a “keep what you pull” draft. These drafts tend to be far less competitive players as the rarity of a card is a huge influence over what you pull as opposed to the card strength in the game or with other cards you pull. This means players will pull a card for value and have a worse deck for it. The second kind of draft is called a re-draft (where I’m from at least). A re-draft is where you do not keep any rare or legendary (or possibly uncommon depending on the store) cards you pull. Instead, you draft for card that will build you a good deck. Then the winners at the end ( based off standing post-event) pick from the pool of rare and legendary (and sometimes uncommon depending on the store) cards one at a time until they are all gone. This way of drafting typically entices more competitive players as they are going to play against “good” decks and earn the card they pick at the end.

Loving that Lobot Love!

Regardless what you do with these new draft starters there is merit to get 2 or 3 of them! They are also cards that can be used to deck build normally. This is a kind of interesting paradigm as most games with draft kits (Android: Netrunner and A Game of Thrones LCG) have cards that are only available in the draft. Star Wars Destiny is a bit different, in that all the Draft started cards are part of the normal card pool to build with at any time! Exciting stuff for people who wanna run neutral characters or just 5 Jawas (it is a thing I have heard in the shop). Sounds fun to me.

That is all I have for today folks. Thanks for reading and I hope you got a better understanding of how draft formats work. For more info on the Rivals kit follow this like here. Did I miss anything or do you have any other thoughts? Leave us a comment below. Time to jump…

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