Roll the List #9, Kyle’s Take

Roll the List #9: Top 10 Worst Whaaat!? Comics, Kyle’s Take

So basically all the comics I read are Whaaat!? Comics. These comics are literally comics that make you say “what???” when you read them or look at the cover. Because this is the case, finding the worst ones is hard, believe it or not, because I usually love them all. This list doesn’t really have an order and I will get a ton of flak for this list, but here it goes.


10. Strange adventures of H.P Lovecraft – This may seem like an odd choice because of my undying love for HP Lovecraft, but I just never had the desire to read this series after the first one. one of the great things about Lovecraft comics is that they are super mysterious horror, not things actively fighting people.



9. Marvel Zombies – Originally a great premise that devolved into a shitty spin off of what would happen if Marvel characters had all the other powers that other Marvel characters have. It did star Ash in one comic but I never read it because I just assumed that he got eaten and they all got chainsaw arms.



8. East of West – I am a huge fan of weird westerns. If you are not familiar, this is a genre in which strange, sci-fi, and supernatural things happen in a western setting. It is an area that is still developing and growing so there is lot of room to be creative. This story uses a Death-falls-in-love-and-can-not-be-a-good-grim-reaper-or-something story arc. It was boring and unoriginal.



7. Watchman!Warning Mega Flak Ahead! I did not realize I didn’t really like this comic until the other day when my roommate was talking to me about it. He asked me about the comic or the story and I just didn’t care about the answer. Then I realized even while reading it, I was not enjoying it. It was a very depressing, and, for lack of a better word, lame take on retired superheroes. I know everyone will say I am missing the point, but I am not, so you can eat me.



6. The Legends of Oz: Wicked West – These next two comics are produced by the same company. This company relishes in its art and depicts woman in very unrealistic and gratuitous fashions. I tried to like the story and it was in fact not that bad. However, when the cover for a comic A. Has nothing to do with the story and B. Is basically done to get people to pick up your comic by abusing women, I hate you and please stop making comics.



5. Ursa Minor –  I was excited for this one because at least it was a horror type of story. As above, I have the same criticisms for this comic, but I will reiterate this point: When the cover for a comic A. Has nothing to do with the story and B. Is basically done to get people to pick up your comic by abusing women, I hate you and please stop making comics.



4. Double Jumpers – This comic has the exact opposite problem as the two previous comics. The cover looks really cool! This comic is about a group of gamers/developers/programmers that switch consciousnesses amongst themselves in game characters. Their characters then run rampant at the convention they are at and so on and so forth. It seemed okay but it was hard to get everything involved so I never picked it up again.



3. Pax Romana – !Warning Mega Flak Ahead! This comic had a great idea! Time traveling to fix the future. Seems cliche but it was done very well. Then the rest of the story happened and it was just not interesting at all. Also the way it was written and drawn was horrible. It was incredibly difficult to read and follow, I never finished it.


2. American Vampires – The reason this comic did not seem interesting to me was because it came out at the same time that True Blood, and Vampire Diaries and Twilight, and every other vampire thing ever came out. No thank you, sorry I am not sorry I never gave you a chance.



1. DMZ – !Warning Mega Flak Ahead! Simply the idea of this comic seemed uninteresting to me. DMZ stands for De-Militarized Zone. and there you have it folks, if it didn’t sound boring enough yet just wait till you don’t read it because you don’t care about political conflict in a visual medium!!

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