Roll the List #6, Kyle’s Take

Top 5 Worst Calm Songs

A calm song, to me, is one that is slow and not complex with regard to sound. Not all calm songs are bad but these ones are the worst, so here goes our first music list!

5. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion: This song is just all around meh. Titanic didn’t need a theme song. It also didn’t really say anything that wasn’t already being said in any other music and it was waaaaay over played.

4. If You Leave Me Now – Chicago: I absolutely love Chicago’s up-beat songs, ala 25 or 6 to 4, but most of their other stuff is just too slow for me. Also being someone who is jaded, it is easy not to care about what the major of their other work is actually saying.

3. Yesterday – The Beatles: I was force-fed some songs throughout my schooling and as much as I wish I could put the Bob Dylan discography on this list there are only 5 spots and never listened to Bob after having to listen to Baby Blue 1000 times for an essay in college. Yesterday was the same for me in middle school and it founded my hatred for the Beatles and is why it is on here.

2. Demons – Imagine Dragons: There are two very important reasons I hate this song. One is that it has one of the worst melodies and lyrics of songs on the CD. The second is that this song is the first song on the album and it being the only album on my phone always used to play when I accidently pressed play. Short story long, it got annoying.

1. Skinny Love – Birdy: This song is horrible. This is mostly because it is a cover of a song that wasn’t very good to begin with. Everytime I hear this song I change it. Her voice, the melody, just everything is bad.

Here you go please feel free to remind me why I am wrong!

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