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Best Underrated Horror Comic

This week on Roll the List we got a topic that is coincidentally directly related to the upcoming holiday! We get to talk about our favorite horror comic that we believe is underrated. To me, this means that the comic is something many people I know who read comic have not heard about or read. This week for me this is Rachel Rising by Terry Moore. A story about a girl who comes back from the dead and has no idea what is happening. It follows her interactions with a seemingly sadistic little girl, her “aunt” and her best friend. It is a dark and gruesome comic and totally deserves to be mentioned.


The comic is done is all black and white and I think this adds to its horror feel. The scenes have been done in such a way that everything seems more visceral even though it lacks color. Terry Moore is very good at creating scenes of horror and apprehension and fear. Each pane is used to express emotion as opposed to just tell you what is happening and unlike some other grandeurized art in comics, this one is telling you an actual story. As strange as it may sounds since I review stuff, I get confused but the unclear and the nebulous. So I truly appreciate a good art panel that can allow me to see exactly what is happening.


The art does a lot for the horror but the story is also to “blame” for some of the ambiance of Rachel Rising. The people in this novel have the most messed up stuff happen to them and around them. Sometimes it is even done by them. People die and it is brutal and sad, characters lose what once made them human. As the story unfold the darkness surrounding the town is explained and it never lets up. The characters are just put through more and more stress. They are dynamic and interesting and a very important part of the story.

rachel rising

As you can tell I really dig the characters in this novel. You have Rachel the heroine, who has already died and is coming to term with her new found re-life. You have Zoe the small girls with a very dark history and a very horrible secret. Johnny, Rachel’s aunt who can talk to the dead. Jet, Rachel’s best friend, band mate, and general adventure partner. Earl, the strange mortician who keeps having people come back to life on his cold metal tables. Lastly, we have Lilith a strange woman with a dark and destructive vendetta against the town. The story equally revolves around all of these character in such a seamless way that you just cannot stop reading. Each page has the potential for explanation of the many questions the novel presents.

I would highly suggest this novel for anyone who is looking for something in the horror genre that is off the beaten path. not many black and white comics are done well (sans The Walking Dead) so this is a breath of fresh air. The story incorporates some of the spookiest and interesting lore that I have seen to date; it is as intricate as the characters are deep. check out out and also check out Cait’s list if you want another opinion!. see you next time



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